Fragments: architectural photographs by Ester Havlová

The exhibition shows buildings in the Czech Republic and across the world beautifully captured in a series of carefully composed and visually striking images. As the name Fragments suggests, Ester Havlová shows us not a whole building but rather an element, a structural detail, a defining characteristic. Her keen eye and unique visual perspective makes for a fascinating series of photographs
Piano Nobile to 21 October
Presented in association with the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Dublin



by Colum O'Riordan

Theatrical performance in IAA

Il coraggio del proprio tempo A multi-media theatrical performance in Italian with English subtitles by the Fondazione Franco Albini Conceived, written and directed by Paola Albini, Il coraggio del proprio tempo is the story of the Modern Movement and Design. The text is integrated with authentic videos and pictures of the time and is an overview of Italy between the … Read more

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