The Archive, as a corporate entity, has a body of ordinary members. These constitute a wide community of interested parties including architects, architectural historians, developers, planners, builders, designers, and researchers. Invitations to become a member of the Archive are issued at the discretion of the Board. Membership of the Irish Architectural Archive brings with it no financial or other obligations. Members receive information about the Archive, including the annual accounts, and are entitled to attend the AGM and other meetings which might be called and to vote on the adoption of the Archive’s accounts or on any other resolutions which might be placed before such meetings. Less formally, they have an opportunity to assess the progress of the Archive and to raise issues which they feel need to be addressed.

The current Members of the Archive are: Malcolm Alexander, Paddy Bowe, David Browne, Merritt Bucholz, Andrew Carpenter, Anne Casement, Christine Casey, Edward Cassidy, Edward Chandler, Patrick Cooney, Ron Cox, Anne Crookshank, William Cumming, Gus Cummins, Sheelagh Davis-Goff, David Davison, Shane de Blacam, Ruth Delany, Frank Devitt, Tom Dunne, Austin Dunphy, David Evans, Honora Faul, Joanna Finegan, Desmond FitzGerald, Niall Gaffney, Raymond Gilmore, Robert Goff, John Graby, David Griffin, Desmond Guinness, Mary Hanna, Peter Hanna, Peter Harbison, Bill Hastings, Richard Haworth, Máire Henry, Arthur Hickey, Roger Hill, James Horan, James Howley, Aideen Ireland, Loughlin Kealy, Paul Keogh, Peter Langford, Paul Larmour, Karen Latimer, J. Owen Lewis, Alistair Lindsay, Rolf Loeber, Robin Mandel, John Martin, Camilla McAleese, Michael McCarthy, Muriel McCarthy, Patricia McCarthy, Robert McCarthy, Kevin McCartney, Michael McGarry, Clare McGrath, Edward McParland, John Meagher, Jeanne Meldon, George Morrison, Sean Mulcahy, David Newman Johnson, Eoin O Cofaigh, Aidan O’Connor, Sean O Laoire, Toal O Muire, John O’Connell, Joan O’Connor, Michael O’Doherty, Rory O’Donnell, Brendan O’Donoghue, Freddie O’Dwyer, John Olley, Cathal O’Neill, Shane O’Toole, Peter Pearson, Ged Pierse, James Pike, Homan Potterton, Anthony Reddy, John Redmill, Raymond Refaussé, Finola Reid, Nicholas Robinson, Ken Rohan, Earl of Rosse, Sean Rothery, Alistair Rowan, Ellen Rowley, Patrick Shaffrey, Nicholas Sheaff, Anngret Simms, David Slattery, Steven Spier, Roger Stalley, Michael Tallon, John Tuomey, Stephen Vernon, Brian Walker, Geraldine Walsh, Peter Walsh, Michael Webb, Jeremy Williams, Primrose Wilson, Richard Wood